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Please find below a summary of our progress on the restoration, preservation, and conservation of XN728. Should you wish to keep up to date in real time, then please follow us on one of our social media platforms. Or should you have any questions then please use the link above to contact us.

December 2021

Sorry haven’t posted much since Cockpit-fest but work and other commitments have been busy so not had chance to post much. 

An item which I never posted about before Cockpit-fest was some structural work which was amazingly done by Phil Wallis who is well known for the Anglo American project in Stennis who are returning to flight T5 XS422. Phil and AALO have been massive supporters of the project since day one and have most generously donated several brand-new parts to the project from there spares stock which are not crucial to their project. 

When 728 was having her nose removed back in 2011 some damage was caused to the stbd side spine area near the main fuse box which resulted in the fuse box being crushed virtually in half and the channel section which held the fuse box and the external spine panels was crushed, torn and was basically scrap. 

After a conversation with Phil and some head scratching a brand-new channel section was found in the AALO stores . . . Literally a week before Cockpit-fest Phil had managed to get it all finished off so I could collect it from him. Next day it was offered into position and fitted perfectly straight away which shows the levels of Phil’s magnificent work and for the first time I managed to fasten all spine panels into position since I have owned the cockpit.

Totally blown away by all of Phil’s help  and I would also like to also thank the AALO for their kind generosity of the donation of parts to the project over the last 8 years which without their help a lot of parts would either be missing or broken beyond repair.

Once again thank you guys. I owe you massively.

August 2021

It is great with pleasure to announce that 728 won not one but two awards at Cockpit-fest 2021.

I am super happy to have won both the best Cockpiteer’s cockpit and also Grand Champion awards.

Shocked was a understatement indeed.

I can’t take all the credit though because so many people of which there are too many to name have helped me with the project over the last 8 years, but many thanks must go out to Karl Brown, Craig Wise, Hugh Trevor, Richard Hall, Richard Scarborough, Trevor Garrod and the list goes on.

Once again, many thanks to everyone that has both helped and supported the project over the last 8 years.

July 2021

Well, a bit of a change with circumstances and some careful thoughts and I am pleased to announce 728 will be on display at Newark air museum for the three-day cockpit fest event in August. 

This will only be her second time on public display since she was scrapped in 2011. Her last public appearance was at Lincolnshire show in 2018.

I shall be keeping everyone informed on updates but to keep the surprise i won’t be posting updated pictures for now. I look forward to displaying her and hopefully meeting several members of the group at the display.

I look forward to seeing some of you there and please spread the word as this will be a big opportunity to see 728 in the flesh in 10 years.

May 2021

Well, another early morning weekend start on some more outstanding jobs on 728. 

First off was to pull her out of the unit for some fresh air. First time in several months so a bit of hoovering and clearing of dust was the starting jobs.

Still looking for a few parts of anyone can help. 

Panel 22p, Lox point filling panel, Grey stick boot gaiter, Rear view mirror and mount, Short brake cable from stick top to main cable, Rf box type 11037 

If anyone can help please get in touch as still hoping depending on transport costs she will make a appearance at Newark cockpit fest august bank holiday.

Thanks again for everyone’s comments and supports on all the updates.

April 2021

Well, the sun has been glorious at Binbrook today (Yes that’s right. Sun and Binbrook in the same sentence. Miracles do happen) so been having a home workshop day sorting some parts out for the cockpit.

First off was sorting the tacan coupling unit out. I managed to source a coupling unit a few weeks ago but was unable to mount due to not having the mounting.

After digging out the fun fairing panel from storage which I sourced brand new several years ago I managed to get all the units fitted.

Once that job was completed it was onto sorting the lights out on the combined knots and Mach gauge panel.

Next job and final job for the day was to refit the safety equipment to the seat now that the harness is complete.

A quick sort out of the workshop and the spares box because as jobs are slowly completed, I can see what spare parts are left over to pass onto another lightning project or if not needed can eventually sell to collectors that was me done for the day 

Bit of sun cream on the back and some fresh orange juice and that’s me done for the day till tomorrow. 

November 2020

Been keeping this quiet even though it was quite exciting for me and the project but today 728 took another step closer to completion after receiving a parcel with some more hard to find parts arriving.

The arrival of a original mk2a switch panel and iff/ssr and fuel gauge panel means that instruments that I have had stored away for the last 6 years finally have a home for them to be fitted in and eventually will be fitted back into the cockpit.

Apart from a couple of smaller bits and pieces this will mean that her starboard side will be virtually complete for the first time since late 80s early 90s when someone took her original panels when she sat alongside the A1.

Over the moon as these are parts that I didn’t think I would ever find. Just need to find some more correct type switches to complete the panel.

Also, in the parcel was a original triangular access panel which needs a little work but is one very rare panel as easily removed and taken. 

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