Brief History

The service life of XN728 began in October 1962 and spanned a total of 21 years, before finally being sold-off in October 1983. During her active service life, she travelled the world, including countries like Malta, Cyprus, and Germany. She was to also suffer her fair share of varying incidents during this time. But thankfully nothing to serious occurred and she was to complete her active duty in one complete piece.

October 1962

First flown by T.M.S. Ferguson

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June 1963

Assigned to No.92 Sqn, RAF Leconfield and tail coded 'B'

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December 1965

Relocated to RAF Gielenkirchen, Germany

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February 1966

Temporarily assigned to 60 MU (Maintenance Unit) for modifications

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January 1968

Suffered Cat 4 landing accident and movedto Warton for repair and conversion to F.2a

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July 1969

Assigned new tail code 'F', still with No.92 sqn

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October 1970

Returned to Warton for modifications. Re-coded 'V' still with No.92 Sqn

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April 1977

Withdrawn from use and moved to RAF Wildenrath as 8546M to be used as a decoy

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September 1983

Moved to RAF Coningsby to be used as a decoy

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October 1983

Sold to G.A. Wilks then on to A1 Car Sales, Balderton, Newark

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September 2011

Aircraft fuselage scrapped but cockpit saved

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Cockpit sold to Darren Swinn

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August 2021

Unveiling at her only public appearance at Cockpit-fest, Newark Air Museum.

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