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June 2022

Finally got round to fitting one of the original parts back to 728. Early on when I started the project, I managed to purchase a forward equipment hatch of eBay to fill the big hole in the nose so now this has finally been swapped out with 728, an original hatch cover which leaves me with a spare hatch.

This is one of the biggest panels fitted on a lightning so quite a nice piece of lightning history. I am unsure which aircraft the panel came from originally but maybe a spare recovered aircraft from Binbrook.

I am willing to part with it ideally for swaps or part swaps firstly if anyone is interested in my son’s project lightning. Failing that I could possibly sell. 

Items I am looking for if anyone can help are as follows. All for a mk3/6 lightning: -

Floor panels 

Any forward coaming panels 

Stick gaiter 

Port left lower ILS panel or parts (pic of part shown)

Rad alt 

B scope mount

E2b compass 

Or if anyone has any cockpit related items please get in touch 

I do also have various other lightning fuselage panels with serial numbers on if anyone is interested..

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